Monday, October 31, 2011

Say yes to Bling

Designer sisters Zoe and Morgan are on fire with their jewelery range, they continue the legacy of their father Douglas Sibbald he too a jewelery designer who first set up shop in Ibiza) I think we should all say YES to these beauties...I love the intricacy of these rings! They started up in 2006 and have since featured in many publications such as The Times Style, Vogue, Pop and Bazaare. Love.

Superstylin Spy

Everywhere you turn in Ibiza this year a gorgeous girl is trotting along the paved streets of Dalt Vila wearing a fabulous Jumpsuit. I love the black and red animal print this Chica is rocking, paired with her her killer wedges makes for a great summer style.

This white floating oversized dress is what we call 'The Ibicenco style' here in Ibiza... and this girl certainly has that. I love the freshness of this look, certainly gets Supertylin's seal of approval.

Tatoo Me Please ?!?

Inkadelic is an intimate Tattoo parlour in Ibiza town. It's tucked away, almost a secret in it's location. Neil Ahern, the owner is a curious fellow. His shop is adorned with travelling memories, Tribal art and many of Neil's amazing illustrations. He has a beautiful vintage chair in the centre of the room, this chair has actually encountered many fabulous bottoms. Such as Kate Moss ( who requested he cover up her 'P for Pete Doherty' tattoo with a skull ) to which he refused as it was simply to small. Mr Marc Jacobs, Jade Jagger and Mark Ronson who he like to share a few beers with. He is a calming creative, grounded, honest man and his unique take on how to adorn a Tattoo parlour is wondrous. I love the parlour, its a vey inspiring place to be with a great energy I can't wait to put my bottom in the famous hot seat.


P.A.R.O.S.H is seriously THE store. Perfect Python Cloggs line the walls. Fur finished dresses - wonderfully bias cut pieces are quite frankly fierce. This hot little boutique feels like it should be down a little paved street in ROME. The shop is owned by an Italian man who for sure knows the meaning of CHIC. LOVE.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paula's Boutique...Back in the day....

Paula's boutique captivated, engulfed and exubed everything that Ibiza was back in the 70's. Placed on Calle de la virgen, this boutique was the place to shop, be seen and love in the back in the glory days.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jocie Cox - Watch This Chick

REBELRAVE #11: Get Lost in Miami from David Terranova on Vimeo.

Jocie Cox is the Videographer in Ibiza... She travelled to Miami in March for the music CONFERENCE and filmed for REBEL RAVE. She is the chica of the moment with the camera. With her unique and distinctive style she captures the magic And replays with a great track that makes you want to go and do it all over again....

Thursday, October 6, 2011


There is no end to the creative buzz in beefs. The grand Grafitti that spreads itself across thewalls of the island is every Londres chica's dream

Torero take me with you.....

- Happy to see the Torero dress making it's way into this seasons collections....

Castillo mi amor...

Cascading castles, seductive summer nights.. I just had to remind myself of how overwhelmingly beautiful this Castillo really is.... There is such a wealth of inspiration within the castle walls, each door, y calle tells a different story. Mi encanta.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hannah Warner - SKull and BOnes

Hannah Warner a Wimbledon school of art grad showcased her Skull & Bones jewelery line in Atzaro this summer..... Fabulous!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

London meets Ibiza...Super 'Stylist'

Stylist, one of my fav London MAGS came to to the White Isle this summer to shoot. I particularly like their choice of Grafitti chic in this shoot - the light feminine dresses showcased against such bold colour is delightful! I love Stylist.

Amnesia take you on a Sci Fi experience not to be forgotten...

Let me introduce you to Jose Miro - he is hot in Spanish Fashiom NOW. He trained with Thierry Mugler, and believes that "The perfect approach to fashion for me its the balance between sophistication and naturalness" He uses a mix of cloths, from sequined silks to heavy weight cottons. He creates structured pieces with a strong architectural feel. This shoot in Amnesia mag is great it has a very "Life on Mars" feel. The earthy colour palette mixed with the sparkling clothes makes for a great story.

Many people share the view that Ibiza has a great creative energy and it is the best place to live and create. From the light to the earth its a great place to be.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ibiza is avin a Hip Hop revolution.

I love it that this summer has seen the arrival of Mr Snoop dog on the White Isle. He has brought a refreshing sound for all those dancing boys and girls to tap their feet to.

VIntage TIende. For REAL

VinCent Ganesha is an Ibiza inspiration. THis store is off the scale - its packed to the roof top with treasures. Antique jewelry, fabaloosa ropa - menswear and ladies wear. IF you are a vintage king or queen get on this situation please!

Fashionista's from across the globe trot here in their vintage Chanel's - even Miss Moss has been known to have a mooch. Promise me you'll swap your flip flops for some 70,s stiletto's step into this store of wonder and go back in time - way back in time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SuperStylin Spy

Superstylin Spy has been out on the streets of Ibiza. Joclyn Cox 27 year old blonde beach chick was rocking a little vintage cotton dress, bought in a thrift store 10 years ago in London, she says its one of her favourite peices, once a long night dress she gave it the chop and it has now been trandformed into a cute summer vestido! She looks totally fabaloo. This timeless dress defos has Superstylin seal of approval.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Darling Dalias Days Gone By.

From Morrocan boots to banging Bolsas. Las Dalias is a treasure hunt. Punto! The market feels like you have stepped into Marrakesh, the colours are vibrant and exciting and the Artizan market stools certainly wet your appetite for a day of rummaging in the biggest market on the Island.

SuperStylin Michiko Koshino Tribalearic collection for Pacha Mag

Styling for Michiko Koshino's Ibiza 2011 Kaftan range was particularly amazing as the clothes wear quite simply incredible. The raw silk dresses with the striking digital print would make a real statement in any location but in the beautiful roof top apartment in Dalt Vila they rocked them rickety old buildings just a little bit. Working with Smack Make up, Photographer Ana Lui, Creative Director Chris Baker at Michiko and beautiful Rachel Montague was a perfect creative mix of people. The end result was a great spread in Pacha's August issue.