Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ibiza is avin a Hip Hop revolution.

I love it that this summer has seen the arrival of Mr Snoop dog on the White Isle. He has brought a refreshing sound for all those dancing boys and girls to tap their feet to.

VIntage TIende. For REAL

VinCent Ganesha is an Ibiza inspiration. THis store is off the scale - its packed to the roof top with treasures. Antique jewelry, fabaloosa ropa - menswear and ladies wear. IF you are a vintage king or queen get on this situation please!

Fashionista's from across the globe trot here in their vintage Chanel's - even Miss Moss has been known to have a mooch. Promise me you'll swap your flip flops for some 70,s stiletto's step into this store of wonder and go back in time - way back in time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SuperStylin Spy

Superstylin Spy has been out on the streets of Ibiza. Joclyn Cox 27 year old blonde beach chick was rocking a little vintage cotton dress, bought in a thrift store 10 years ago in London, she says its one of her favourite peices, once a long night dress she gave it the chop and it has now been trandformed into a cute summer vestido! She looks totally fabaloo. This timeless dress defos has Superstylin seal of approval.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Darling Dalias Days Gone By.

From Morrocan boots to banging Bolsas. Las Dalias is a treasure hunt. Punto! The market feels like you have stepped into Marrakesh, the colours are vibrant and exciting and the Artizan market stools certainly wet your appetite for a day of rummaging in the biggest market on the Island.

SuperStylin Michiko Koshino Tribalearic collection for Pacha Mag

Styling for Michiko Koshino's Ibiza 2011 Kaftan range was particularly amazing as the clothes wear quite simply incredible. The raw silk dresses with the striking digital print would make a real statement in any location but in the beautiful roof top apartment in Dalt Vila they rocked them rickety old buildings just a little bit. Working with Smack Make up, Photographer Ana Lui, Creative Director Chris Baker at Michiko and beautiful Rachel Montague was a perfect creative mix of people. The end result was a great spread in Pacha's August issue.

Pretty Please Pacha Princess

The Pacha Chica's capture a dream. A world of opulence dressed head to toe in 'diamonds'. Draped in exquisite lace and silks. They have a presence that is show stopping. Angels of the most Fabaloo party in Europe. Pacha is my 'Studio 54', 'Moulin Rouge', my heaven. From the dancers to the live shows, even the DJ booth has a special kind of magic. It is the place that is almost lost in time. The party has never stopped, the people keep on coming to enjoy a piece of this beautiful party.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cocoon Heroes

Well, Cocoon is somewhat of an institution. La Plage's party on Tuesday was a real treat. Listening to Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones & DED do their thing was inspiring and very delightful.

The superstylin kids were out in force, The blonde chick in the straw hat is Fannie Briet, a chic beauty from Paris, wearing the most beautiful cotton netted white vintage dress paired with her John Lennon glasses and boater hat makes for a true style queen.

Ibiza is special place for Fashion. The bohemians who travel to this magical island to find a life of freedom bring along with them a wonderful style.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Feel the Benirras Beats

Sunday afternoons are a wonderful thing if you are down at Benirras beach. The chanting and beating that can be heard from the cluster of drummers is a rare sight. A ritual that has been taking place for many years. Some even say it is the true heart beat of the Island which can be heard for miles around.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ibiza Nights

Blurred visions in Ibiza, trani beauties, fabulous castillo's and a feeling of freedom of self.

San Jordi. My fav boutique.

San Jordi Flea Market - Its an institution.

I have bought too many fabulous pieces in this little Aladins cave! Every Saturday the old Hippo drome opens its gates to market sellers, hippy chica's and chico's, ladee men boys from Pacha the night before...still looking FRESH. One chick's trash is another chick's treasure, and let me tell you i have found many a treasure on a Saturday morning. In fact it may just be the high light of my week.

I dare you to have a peek next time you fly in. Double dare you.

Michiko Koshino Fashion Show on the White Isle

Michiko Koshino showcased their summer collection with a Fashion show at the Blue Marlin this season. With a mix of digital prints on beautiful silk Kimono's was a real thrill, exquisite swim suits and bikini's wrapped themselves round the models, beautiful rouched dresses were simply to die for. Each girl wore hand made roped shoes with a wonderful crepe fan detail over the toes. The head dresses had a punk/hippie neon mix. The perfect finish to a perfect summer collection.

I heart Michiko Koshino.